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Here handful of suggestions for exercising outside. Since they are different than you might normally do, you may also use some different muscles groups and get a bit more overall conditioning.This past year though, I have trained harder since January, having run several 10ks and a 20k hill run, 12-14 mile training runs and maintained an organized r… Read More

Above the waist it generally works much better to wear 3 layers of clothing. It is a great investment to own a long sleeve polypropylene shirt for running. They last forever and wick the sweat off the skin. If you don't want to waste the money, a long sleeve cotton shirt works fine a person are aren't running more than an hr. You simply don't want … Read More

If summer weather turns look here , beat the high temperature in the water. Swimming is a kind, yet effective workout currently low impact for those with joint problems while still being ideal your body parts. The average person will burn 360 calories with half an hour of swimming and continue to burn fat for hours and hours afterward. A swim clas… Read More